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Succession is a multifaceted process, and although death triggers it, there are other factors influencing inheritance. Federal and state laws play a crucial role in dividing property among heirs, and dealing with these legalities may be challenging for someone without legal expertise.

While representing oneself in probate and estate-related cases is allowed, it is advisable to hire an estate planning attorney in South Valley for the best outcomes.

South Valley, New Mexico, has intricate probate and intestacy laws. When individuals pass away, their surviving family members must navigate through various estate and federal tax matters, including state income tax, individual federal tax, trust income tax, and federal estate tax returns.

Engaging an experienced estate planning attorney can help ensure that these matters are handled appropriately and efficiently.

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What happens when a person dies after leaving a will?

For a will to be considered legitimate, the testator must sign it in the presence of two witnesses, who, in turn, must also sign the same will in each other’s presence at our law office in South Valley, NM. Notarization by a lawyer is not required for the will to be binding and legal. However, if you wish to expedite the probate process, you have the option to create a “self-proving” will.

With a “self-proving” will, the court automatically accepts it without the need for the witnesses to testify. To make your will “self-proving,” you and your witnesses must visit a notary and create an affidavit. This affidavit will state your name and confirm that each of you signed the will voluntarily and with full consent.

By taking this step, you can ensure that the probate process proceeds more smoothly and that your wishes are effectively carried out without requiring the witnesses’ appearance in court or hiring a South Valley estate planning attorney.

Once the will is declared valid, it must go through the probate process. In the South Valley, the probate laws of New Mexico, following the Uniform Probate Code, apply. However, probate becomes mandatory only when the decedent’s assets are solely in their name.

For smaller estates, seeking the assistance of an estate planning attorney in South Valley can help you take advantage of probate shortcuts. One such shortcut allows you to bypass probate if the total value of the estate, after deducting encumbrances and debts, is $50,000 or less.

To complete this shortcut, you simply need to sign an affidavit under oath, confirming your entitlement to the assets, thus streamlining the process and avoiding the full probate procedure.

If an individual passes away without leaving a will, they risk losing control over their assets after death. In New Mexico, this situation is referred to as an “intestate” estate, meaning no valid will was executed. To confirm the legal implications of intestacy, it is advisable to consult with a law office in South Valley, NM.

In the absence of a will, the court will apply the state’s intestate succession law to determine how the decedent’s assets will be distributed among heirs and the respective shares each beneficiary will receive.

When there is no will, the court will appoint an executor to represent the deceased’s interests and oversee the administration of the estate. The primary responsibility of the executor is to ensure that the estate is managed appropriately.

While the law provides a framework to handle the estate of someone who dies without a will, it is much better to proactively avoid such complications and uncertainties for your loved ones.

Engaging the services of an estate planning attorney in South Valley, NM, can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that safeguards your assets and ensures your wishes are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Plan the Distribution of Your Estate Now

A loved one’s death will always be torturous for those left behind. You can make your survivors’ lives easier by planning the distribution of your estate.

The Law Office of Cristy J. Carbon-Gaul has the legal background, extensive experience, and specialization you need. We can help spare your beneficiaries the burden of settling your estate after your passing. Commission the services of Cristy, our estate planning attorney in South Valley, and get things sorted.

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