Albuquerque is a culturally diverse city in New Mexico, with fantastic tapestries in its cuisine, cultural centers, artwork, and architecture. Despite being a big city, Albuquerque retained its quaint neighborhood feel. That’s why many people come, buy properties, and settle in this metropolitan area.
If you’re a city resident intending to sort out your legacy, know where to get help. Cristy J. Carbon-Gaul will help you navigate this legal process easily. An estate planning attorney in Albuquerque is what you need to keep your estate and beneficiaries protected.

estate planning attorney in Albuquerque

How can an estate planning lawyer help you?

Estate planning lawyers can help you identify where your assets should go if you die or become incapacitated. Your lawyer will assess your financial and family situation, explain the estate planning procedure in layman’s terms, and help you make a decision that benefits your descendants. 

Specifically, they can help you through the following: 

  • Walk the estate owner through the process of end-life arrangements
  • Make an estate plan
  • Finalize the taxes 

When is an estate planning lawyer necessary?

Your unique circumstances would determine whether or not you’d need an Albuquerque estate planning attorney. However, there are a few things that might affect your decision. They could be one of the following:

When children are involved 

You must seriously consider estate planning if you have kids yet to reach the age of majority. They’ll need an adult who will manage the assets on their behalf until they reach adulthood. In this case, setting up a trust might be necessary—a more complicated process than a will. 

When you have complex intestate laws 

If your estate is valued at over $11.18 million or the property is located in another state, your beneficiary may need to pay taxes. Albuquerque estate planning attorneys can simplify the process for you. They can also help your beneficiaries understand their legal obligations.

While New Mexico doesn’t have a state estate or inheritance tax, its inheritance laws can get complicated. It is especially true when the deceased didn’t leave a will. Also, the absence of inheritance tax laws doesn’t bar the beneficiary from paying taxes. 

When you’re at high risk for incapacity

If you have a disability or chronic disease, you need an Albuquerque estate planning attorney to protect your rights. You might need some help managing your health and money. A lawyer with experience in disability or elder law can best advocate for your needs.

Besides these, Cristy J. Carbon-Gaul’s Law office in Albuquerque also covers these practice areas:

Know the Law to Protect Your Legacy and Legatees

“Ignorantia legis neminem excusat” is a legal maxim that means ignorance of any law excuses no one. You must know your rights and obligations under the law, whether you’re the legator, legatee, testator, or benefactor. 

The first step to ensuring a seamless transition from one generation to another is finding a reliable estate planning attorney in Albuquerque. The Law Office of Cristy J. Carbon-Gaul has the legal expertise and experience to protect your rights and estate. Whether it’s about conservatorship, guardianship, probate, or estate planning, Cristy can help you out. 

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