Collaborate with a proficient estate planning attorney in Clovis for probate and estate planning assistance. The person designated as the Personal Representative (PR) oversees the probate proceeding.

Probate is a legal process essential for validating the authenticity of a will. This proceeding is considered “in rem,” making it compulsory and exempt from prescription. In simpler terms, its authority extends to the entire world, and there’s no time limit for initiating it.

Nonetheless, this does not prevent creditors or beneficiaries from initiating a claim against an estate.


Why Do People Hesitate To Hire An Estate Planning And Probate Lawyer?

The primary cause of people’s reluctance to hire an estate planning attorney in Clovis, NM, is the lack of a visible price tag or a flat rate. The uncertainty about the cost of such services leads to a fear of unexpected expenses.

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry. When seeking assistance, approach a lawyer and inquire directly about the charges for a probate proceeding. Once an agreed price is established, ask for a written payment agreement to protect yourself from uncertainties.

How Do Estate Planning And Probate Lawyers Determine Their Fees? 

A Clovis estate planning attorney typically employs one of three payment methods — hourly rates, flat fees, or a percentage of the estate. The most prevalent charging method is hourly, with rates varying based on location and the lawyer’s expertise. In rural areas, the hourly rate may reach as high as $150 per hour.

In urban areas, it is typical for lawyers to charge a minimum of $200 per hour, and specialists may command higher rates than general practitioners due to their expertise. You can expect a higher level of thoroughness and efficiency with specialized lawyers.

Apart from hourly rates, specific probate and estate planning attorneys in Clovis, NM, opt for a flat fee approach. These attorneys, experienced in estate planning and probate matters, can estimate the workload and provide clients with a predetermined lump sum charge for their services.

Indeed, the amount charged by attorneys is typically proportionate to the extent of work and effort they invest in handling the case. Clients often prefer this approach, who feel more at ease knowing that the fees are not constantly accumulating.

When an estate planning attorney in Clovis, New Mexico, provides a flat fee quote, it’s essential to clarify what services it covers. Additional expenses like appraisers’ and court filing fees are generally not included in the flat price. Moreover, if your case is complex, such as involving a tax return or contesting a will, the quoted cost may be higher accordingly.

Finally, some lawyers set their fees as a percentage of the estate. However, it’s essential to note that this is negotiable since lawyers are not obligated to charge their services this way.

When consulting a Clovis estate planning attorney, you can inquire about alternative payment methods, such as hourly or flat fees. While many attorneys still prefer fees commensurate with their workload, everything is open to negotiation.

What makes the percentage fee unreasonable?

The percentage fee can be unreasonable when it’s unconscionable and inequitable. The reason behind this dissatisfaction is that the price is calculated based on the gross value of the probate assets rather than the net value. As a result, some abandon this payment scheme.

Suppose the estate comprises a house valued at $500,000 but carries an outstanding mortgage of $200,000. Here, the fee charged by an estate planning attorney in Clovis is typically based on the entire $500,000 rather than the net value of $300,000.

Though this arrangement may appear excessive, it is not prohibited by law. The rationale behind such a scheme is that the cost is determined by the house’s overall value, regardless of the unpaid mortgage. It is because higher-valued properties usually involve more extensive probate paperwork, which impacts the fee structure.

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As the saying goes, death and taxes are the only certainties in life. This certainty prompts people to plan for their passing while still alive. Enlisting the assistance of an estate attorney can ensure that your death not only paves the way for your legal heirs but also guarantees a fair and equitable distribution of your assets.

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