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Each state has estate planning, probate, trusts, and succession laws. If the decedent’s estate is in Santa Fe or other key cities in New Mexico, it’s best to hire a local lawyer to help with the succession process. 

If you have estates in Santa Fe and want to ensure the smooth transfer of these estates to your successors, hire an estate planning attorney in Santa Fe. Aside from knowledge of the local laws, these legal professionals are familiar with the probate court systems.

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Why do you need an estate plan?

You must plan your estate “inter vivos” to keep your loved ones, yourself, and your assets safe. If you pass away or end up permanently disabled, your estate plan will dictate how your assets will be distributed. 

Having an estate plan means you care for your loved ones and want them provided for. This plan will also ensure that your hard-earned properties will be in the hands of your chosen successors. Talk to an estate planning attorney in Santa Fe, NM, to explore your options. 

All the properties a person owns form part of their estate. Specifically, it includes their house and all real estate under their name. It consists of all tangibles like furniture, cars, and computers and all intangibles like social security benefits, pensions, stocks, bank accounts, and insurance. 

How can an estate planner assist you? 

Estate planners draw upon their experience in will and trust litigation and work closely with the estate owner to develop a customized plan that fits your goals. They will ensure that you won’t have problems with estate distribution after your death

Work with a Santa Fe estate planning attorney to get help with the following: 

  • Beneficiary designations
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney 
  • Financial Power of Attorney 
  • Living Wills or Healthcare Directives

You can also check out this link for a list of forms needed to create an estate plan in Santa Fe and the rest of New Mexico. 

Cristy J. Carbón-Gaul’s law office in Santa Fe, NM also covers these practice areas:

When is the right time to review an estate plan?

If you have an estate plan, now is the right time to check and review it with a Santa Fe estate planning attorney. You must ensure that it is still in line with your wishes. 

Aside from providing details on what happens to your estate after your passing, an estate plan can also dictate what happens when you get admitted to a hospital in case you become incapacitated. You can decide on the following: 

  • Organ donation
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • Guardian while hospitalized 

Your estate plan can also include what happens to your body after your passing and whether you want to donate your money to charitable institutions. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; get the help of estate planning attorneys in Santa Fe, NM, to develop a personalized and smart estate plan to protect your legacy.

Plan Your Estate Today

Planning what happens to your properties now would seem like a daunting task. You may even think twice about its urgency. However, looking at the benefits of planning this task would be better. By deciding where your assets go, you can prevent legal squabbles among your heirs. You can also ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Need help sorting your estate as soon as possible? Talk to Cristy J. Carbón-Gaul, a reliable and trusted estate planning attorney in Santa Fe, today!